Departure times and tide information

In below tables I keep an overview of tracks and time left.

Bear in mind, I calculate a track on tidal waters with a speed of 5,5knots on average and Uisge Beatha has a draught of 2.00meter. This will effect the time mentioned in the column 'depart'. Please use at your own risk.

Deel op  

# From To Depart Track
1 Lowestoft Wells-next-the-Sea Dover HW-3
2 Blankenberge Towards the south LW Blankenberge -2h No track
3 Nieuwpoort Gravelines Dover HW+5 No track
4 Calais Duinkerken Dover HW-1
5 Duinkerken Oostende Dover HW-1
6 Nieuwpoort Duinkerken Nieuwpoort LW-3
7 Boulogne Heading North Boulogne HW-2h2
8 Boulogne Heading south Boulogne HW+3h4 No track
9 Breskens / Vlissingen Roompot Vlissingen LW-2h3 No track
10 Breskens / Vlissingen Oostende Vlissingen HW+1
11 Wells-next-the-Sea Whitby (HW +/-2) Wells-next-the-Sea HW-1
12 Whitby Newcastle on Tyn Withby (HW -2 / HW +1h3)