Departure times and tides

Departure times and tide information

In below tables I keep an overview of tracks and time left.

Bear in mind, I calculate a track on tidal waters with a speed of 5,3knots on average and Uisge Beatha has a draught of 2.00meter. This will effect the time mentioned in the column 'depart'. Please use at your own risk.

Deel op  

1Duinkerken Boulogne sur Mer } Duinkerken (HW +3h)
2Cadzand St. Annaland Vlissingen (LW -3h)
3Dover Cadzand Dover (LW +2h)
4Eastbourne Dover Dover (HW +4h)
5Cowes Eastbourne Portsmouth (HW)
6Weymouth Cowes Portland (HW -2h)
7Dartmouth Weymouth Dover (HW +5h @ Bill of Portland)
8Fowey Dartmouth Fowey (LW)
9Falmouth Fowey Falmouth (LW)
10Newlyn Falmouth Newlyn (LW)
11Padstow Newlyn Padstow (HW @ bridge opening)
12Lundy Padstow (HW +/-2h30) Lundy (HW)
13Swansea Lundy Swansea (HW)
14Tenby Swansea (HW +/-4h30) Tenby (LW -1h)
15Milford Tenby Milford (HW +2h)
16Fishguard Milford Fishguard (HW -1h)
17Arklow Fishguard Dublin (HW -1h)
18Dublin Poolbeg Marina Arklow Dublin (HW -2h)
19Carlingford Dublin Carlingford (HW -1h3
20Bangor Carlingford (HW +/-3h) Bangor (LW -1h)
21Lamlash Campbeltown Greenock (HW)
22Tarbert Lamlash Greenock (HW +1h)
23Adrishaig Tarbert -
24Tobermory Crinan Canal Basin Oban (HW -2h)
25Dunstaffnage Tobermory Oban LW
26Corpach Basin Dunstaffnage Oban (HW +1h)
27Lossiemouth Cromarty (HW +/- 2h3) Lossiemouth (HW +/-3h3)
28Peterhead Peterhead (HW +/-3h3) Lossiemouth (HW +/-3h3)
29Lowestoft Wells-next-the-Sea Dover HW-3
30Blankenberge Towards the south Blankenberge LW-2h No track
31Nieuwpoort Gravelines Dover HW+5 No track
32Calais Duinkerken Dover HW-1
33Duinkerken Oostende Dover HW-1
34Nieuwpoort Duinkerken Nieuwpoort LW-3
35Boulogne Heading North Boulogne HW-2h2 1. 2.
36Boulogne Heading south Boulogne HW+3h4 No track
37Breskens / Vlissingen Roompot Vlissingen LW-2h3 No track
38Breskens / Vlissingen Oostende Vlissingen HW+1
39Wells-next-the-Sea Whitby (HW +/-2) Wells-next-the-Sea HW-1
40Whitby Newcastle on Tyn Withby (HW -2 to HW +1h3) 1. 2.
41Newcastle on Tyn Amble (HW +/- 3h) Newcastele on Tyn (HW -2 to HW +1h3)
42Amble Edinburgh (Port Edgar) HW-3,5h / +3,5h Amble HW +/-3h
43Edinburgh Arbroath (HW +/-3h) Edinburgh (Port Edgar) HW-3,5h to +3,5h
44Arbroath Peterhead Arbroath HW +/- 3h No track
45Aberdeen Peterhead Aberdeen all times
46Vlissingen Terneuzen Vlissingen LW +0h to +3h No track
47Vlissingen Hansweert Vlissingen LW No track
48Vlissingen Antwerpen Vlissingen LW -1h No track
49Terneuzen Hansweert Terneuzen LW +0h to +3h No track
50Terneuzen Antwerpen Terneuzen LW No track
51Hansweert Antwerpen Hansweert LW No track
52Antwerpen Hansweert Antwerpen HW +0h to +1h No track
53Antwerpen Terneuzen Antwerpen HW -1h No track
54Antwerpen Vlissingen Need 2 tides No track
55Hansweert Terneuzen Hansweert HW +0h to +2h No track
56Terneuzen Vlissingen Terneuzen HW No track
57IJmuiden Texel / Den Helder IJmuiden HW -2h No track
58IJmuiden Scheveningen IJmuiden HW +3h No track
59IJmuiden Hellevoetsluis IJmuiden HW +3h No track
60Scheveningen IJmuiden Scheveningen HW -2h No track
61Scheveningen Hellevoetsluis Scheveningen HW +4h No track
62Stellendam Noordkust Belgie Stellendam HW No track
63Stellendam Roompot Stellendam HW +2h No track
64Stellendam IJmuiden Stellendam HW -4h No track
65Stellendam Scheveningen Stellendam HW -3h No track
66Bruinisse Zierikzee Bruinisse HW +0h to +2h No track
67Zierikzee Bruinisse Zierikzee LW +0h to +1h No track
68Zierikzee Tholen Zierikzee LW -1h No track
69Tholen Zierikzee Bergsediepsluis HW +1h No track
70Sint Annaland Goessche Sas Sint Annaland LW -3h No track
71Goessche Sas Sint Annaland Goessche Sas LW -1h No track
72Burghsluis Roompotsluis Zierikzee HW -1h No track
73Roompotsluis Cadzand en België Roompot binnen LW -2h No track
74Roompotsluis Burghsluis Zierikzee HW -2h No track
75Roompotsluis Zierikzee Zierikzee HW -4h to -2h No track
76Roompotsluis Scheveningen Roompotsluis HW -2h No track
77Zierikzee Roompotsluis Zierikzee HW +0h to +2h No track