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24 feb 2007 |
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Gregor |
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Hoe ben ik aan Uisge Beatha gekomen

Tja, hoe kom je aan je boot? Ieder heeft zijn/haar verhaal. Dit is mijn verhaal.

Hoe ben ik aan Uisge Beatha gekomen

My parents had a motor boat of about 8mtr. A solid boat that brought us and later myself, a lot of fun. The area we sailed where de Nieuwkoopse plassen.

At the age of 11, I got my first dingy, a Laser. I sailed that boat for 5 or 6 years and did a number of local races. After the Laser was sold, I only sailed on rentals.

In 2003 I visited Australia and unexpectedly I met the family of my late father. This was so intense that the thought came up that I wanted to move there. After being there a second time at the same year to investigate the possibilities of living there, I decided not to go. It is not just about selling the house, but it has to do with emotions about leaving my mum, friends etc. behind. I realised that, being on my own, was not the way to go for me.

In that same time I said that, if I don't move to Australia, I want get myself a boat again. It happens to be that my brother was sailing as well with a boat called Sonnevis.

Uisge Beatha, Zeilen, WatersportSonnevis in Willemstad(klik voor grote foto)


Sonnevis a long keel steel boat build in 1954, with a classical shape. He asked me if I wanted to participate. As a start to feel how it is to own and sail a boat again, I found this a great opportunity. We agreed to do this 'project' together for 2 years and than see how to continue.

A lot of work needed to be done: new engine and a new solid anti fouling system. Quite some money was spent to get the boat in shape again, although new sails were (and still are) required.

During my time of sailing I also started racing on so called modern boats. My sailing area moved from not only the Grevelingenmeer (boat is berthed in Herkingen) but also the Northsea.

After two years I decided that I want a bigger boat with more (sailing) comfort. After a long investigations, saw over 30 boats, I walked with my former girlfriend on the platoon in Willemstad and there we saw the Hanse 315. I said to her, 'this is a nice and great looking boat'. She said not to go on the boat.

Having looked at the other boats that were for sale, I decided that we have a quick look inside the 315. I was really caught by the mahogany interior, more or less classical look and its comfort. I decided I want a Hanse, although far out of budget!

I spent some time looking on the net, found a 311 berthed in Workum, owned by a German, and cheaper than the other 311 that were for sail in the Netherlands. I contacted the owner negotiated a price and agreed to have an inspection done by the end of that week. Friday evening February 10th at 7.30 I was the new owner of a Hanse 311. This was a great feeling.

The Sonnevis, you might ask. After a long and intense discussion with my brother, it is for sale and I even told him in one point in time that he may have the boat for free. He didn't take that offer, instead he proposed something else. Now it still is for sale without any costs on my account.

I'm glad I bought Uisge Beatha (February 24th 2006 @ 19.30), she brought me to several new places and I also learned a lot, not just about the boat but also about myself. Will I ever buy another boat? Maybe, but for now I really love her!


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